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Sunday, 19-Jul-2009 14:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark

ari ni kejecam break time sat wif members of staff and talk satu staff tu DT mengaku yg dia bi ... almost everybody shock yg paling shock sekali is me. emmmm ingatkan u tau semua staff rupanye ada juga yg aku tak tau pasal diorg nye back ground.mula hari ni aku kena jaga2 what i say to them.

Saturday, 18-Jul-2009 11:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark

today is saturday...bangun early and had tea and of to work... today rasa not feeling very well..had sore throat and feel a bit headache...
cuba call mummy but x dpt..mayb she off smwhere kut??????

whille i type this my staff still busy serve lunch kat everybody......i managed to give JP her medication...

Violet neice came to empty the room and she said our home is the best home ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks Pat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 17-Jul-2009 05:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark

bgun pagi ni ujan lebat mmg dah agah,smlm weather forecast kata mmg ujan so buktinye ujan...ari ni aku nk tgk ape dia nk buat'many reason'smlm dia tingglkan heater on all day aku blk umah mcm berapi aku tny nape umah hot pas2 check rupanye heater x off.mlm pun cenggitu...akupun naik fed up. pas2 mlm masa nk ngaji dia nk marah2 kt org..cara ckp pun ptutle ank2 pun cenggitu.....

smlm t'pk aku ingt mmg nk blk time raya coz duit blh cari mummmy only one once its gone its sespa x nk blk dia nye hal aku dh mls nk pk psal dia......ko nk sihat ke ko nk puasa ke.ko nk buat ape ke aku dh x heran.

dia adalah manusia yg x blh dbwk brunding.......

Friday, 17-Jul-2009 05:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark

emmm mlm tadi kata nk g gent...aku dah agak dh dhlama dia buat perangai ni....bygkan x masuk akal tiap kali mesti kul 9pm.aku dh notice benda ni dh lama pas2 mesti bwk mlm tadi pas dia habis aku terus masuk mmg aku dah agak dah dia mmg kaki penipu.....aku rasa tiap friday dia buat perangai...xpe aku nk tengok next week benda yg sama x????????
tiap kali masuk t mesti bwk phone...dia mmg kaki kelentong.whatever u jaga lah diri u..dia tu mmg lost kes.

yesterday bwk klient gi dinner...ok lah 2 hrs dpt £90.eva ,claude & grace.
blk rumah apepun xde.. kekadang aku pk nk blah je tapi pk blk....lantak dia le...akupun dh lama malas nk pk pasal dia yg penting ada kesedaran dlm dri kta.

Wednesday, 15-Jul-2009 15:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark

our house b4 renovation/extention
now c what happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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emmmmmmmmmmm ari ni gi keje just sekejap je coz felt very tired...pas2 gi amik baby from school and balik umah.pas2 gi makan baby and just sat down and talk to my friend marie. pas2 eddie and allen balik and eat sikit and they all go back to work .ari ni ujan builders kat luar tu kesian btul le asyik kena ujan.

pagi tadi masak sikit sambal not so pedas kira ok le.
ari ni porch kat depan tu dah siap bubuh lantai and my other office nye lantai pun dah siap.hopefully my extention ni siap cepat sikit...

tadi masa kt office bengang pun ada bila dpt email from social service re;june marshall.emm kalau ikut kan ati ni mmg rasa nk kata 'thats it i've had enough u can take a hike i dont care'

dr bbates come to examined betty b,peggy and joan e.
make a phone call re;betty b dentist appointment..sadly they dont do home i've to find other alternative for her,luckily dr bates prescribe her an antibiotic for her mouth.

masa fetch baby kat school sandra sent me a text saying she cant do tomorow nite coz she s got temperature and need to c doctor.....
4.30 time i'm typing this baby fall asleep so i called amy in m'sia and talk to her for a while..she said she really miss lah been so long since i saw her..i also miss her 2..she tanya me when next trip to m'sia????coz her lil bro kawin end of july so she think it b nice for me to dtg da lah i've not been to any kenduri/wedding nearly in m'sia since i left that b 20 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also miss all my good friends there some of them mayb dah x kenal me anymore,some dah beranak,some dh divorce & remarried,some getting gemok and mature & ageing soooooooooo lama x jumpa.

allen went to work and he said he take my car...i said do u have to???!!!! i dont really like stay at home without car...dont know why...

just now try call mummy but no answer... wonder why and where she goes to... i try to call mummy 2 3x a week..just to talk & wander what she is doing...since my daddy died last sept i felt so empty and missed him soooooooooooooooooo much. now only mummmy left and she is worried bout her if she she she sad.. so i really want to know if i cud on daily basis. i would like mummmy to come & stay with me and spend time in england for the whole summer & if she want spend time in m'sia during winter....but she alway said 'nanti lah'.....i wander when the 'nantilah' ever will come????!!!!!!!

since i left m'sia i've done a lot and achieved a lot....those years masa kat m'sia peluang tu limited especially a person like me....not so smart masa kt school...emmm talking bout school masa dulu2 tu ingat kt one of this guy..i really like him very much...but he doesnt know...well masa tu dia pun tak pandang la org like me .....nasib i those years not so good..xde sape yg suka kat i ..mayb i ni not the type yg boleh jadikan 'girlfriend' kut?????? when i looked back semua my friend ada boyfriend except me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is wrong with me???? ...but deep down i know lah yg i ni memang tak cun pun !!!!! no wander lah i tak terpilih...takpelah. mayb now dia tu pun dah kawin kut and i doa kan moga everybody bahagia. as for amy i kesian kat dia 2x dia went through hard time but she is so tabah ngan anak dia pun dah membesar....and harap dia nye business tu maju and murah rezeki.

sometimes i wander apa jadi kat i kalau i duk kat msia and not kawin ngan Al....not that i nyesal or anything just ngan al ada ups & thing with al he never lay a finger on me ever..unlike some my friend yg kawin ngan melayu bnyk yg makan ati coz husband diorg gatal2 & always nk ada affairs .he is kind & caring...x kedekut...his money my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fotos taken few days ago.......

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